​Dog friendly beaches

Posted on 1 August, 2016

Dog running on beach

A top tip for homesitters on assignment this summer looking after dogs is to check out dog friendly beaches that may be close by.

Dogs love a day trip and going to the beach is probably top of a dog’s wish list for a day out. They can dig to their hearts content, frolic in the sea or chase the waves.

According to Nearest Beach.co.uk[i] there are 351 beaches that allow dogs and a further 450 beaches that allow dogs with some restrictions across the British Isles.

Your client will no doubt be able to advise you of any beaches that are within easy reach, as well as other places their dog might enjoy going for a walk. Make sure you ask them to leave details a few weeks before you are due on assignment.

Remember if you decide to travel to a beach or any other places to walk the dog to go prepared, especially in hot weather.

Most dog friendly beaches will provide some facilities including waste bins for getting rid of the poop so make sure you are a responsible sitter and always ensure you pick up any mess they make. Always take a lead with you as well, even if your client has instructed the dog (s) can go off lead. Dogs can get over excited or too hyper, and sometime aggressive to other dogs – so it’s important to have a lead to put them on just in case.

Beachfront cafes and bars often provide water bowls – but remember to always bring your own fresh water and bowl. Your dog will need it after tasting salty sea water! A towel is also useful. One innovative beach at Sandbanks in Dorset[ii] has even opened an automatic dog wash this year that provides washing and blow drying facilities for £2.

Perfect for ensuring your dog gets back in the car salt and sand free, and doesn’t bring half the beach back to your clients home!

We think this is a great idea - let’s hope more beaches follow suit!

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