​Leaving a sick pet or one that needs medication with a homesitter

Posted on 22 April, 2019

Sick Dog

If you have a pet that is sick or requires medication it can mean having to put off going away. This doesn’t have to be the case though. Many of our homesitters are well versed in caring for sick animals and are happy to give medication too.

Depending on the illness this can often be managed by a homesitter and if trips to the vet are needed they will be happy to take them.

Using a homesitter has several advantages if you have a poorly pet. Firstly, your pet gets to stay in their home environment, which if they are feeling under the weather or are recovering from an operation or illness is the best thing for them.

Secondly, you can trust that the homesitter we choose for you will have the right experience to be able to care properly for your pet. If your pet requires medication or a vaccination we have homesitters that are capable of doing this.

And finally, you get to go off on your holiday with the peace of mind that your pet is being well looked after. Those that had chosen a cattery or kennel would probably have had to cancel their trip if their pet suddenly got ill as most won’t take an animal that is unwell.

One couple who have been using Homesitters to look after their pets and home for 15 years, are Kate and Ian Craig, book publishers from Dumfriesshire in Scotland. Over this time they have had dogs that needed medication.

Kate explains, “All the homesitters have been very knowledgeable about looking after dogs and cats. Over the years some of our dogs have needed medication for ongoing illnesses and we’ve always felt comfortable that the homesitters would be able to administer their medicine properly.”

As part of our service most homesitters have a preliminary meeting with new clients and this is the ideal to discuss any medical needs or illnesses your pet has. This was one of the reasons Kate and Ian initially decided to use Homesitters.

Kate says, “One of the things that first encouraged us to use Homesitters is that they offer preliminary visits from the homesitter. We find it reassuring to meet the people who will be staying in our home ahead of the booking so we can check that they are like our animals and are happy with the set up here.

“The homesitters who have come to look after our dogs and home have all been fantastic; they are obviously very well vetted. The best thing for us is that they’re really good with the animals, so we know we can rely on them to look after our pets. It gives us real peace of mind to know we can leave our home in their capable hands.”

If you have a sick pet and want someone reliable and caring to look after them when you go on holiday this year, please get in touch to discuss your requirements on 01296 630 730.

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