​Our Pet of the Month for August is this handsome cat Monty

Posted on 28 August, 2020

Our Pet of the Month for August is this handsome cat Monty.

Monty is now nearly 19 years old. He and his brother Morgy, who sadly passed away two years ago, have always been looked after wonderfully by Homesitters when we go away.

They were both the 'king cats' of the area and often worked together to make sure all the other animals of the neighbourhood knew! A few summers ago they confronted a spaniel who dared to come up the drive and backed him right up the road to his owner, much to our amusement!

Monty is now confined to the home and garden after a close encounter with a fox last summer, but retains his respect from the other cats. Despite his advanced age, deafness and arthritis he still sees off any youngster who decides to take a short cut through the garden!

He now has steps inside and out so he can reach his preferred sleeping places. He enjoys reclining in the sun, either on his preferred mat in the garden, or on the sofa where he can watch the world go by.

Our lovely homesitter knows him really well and carries on with his routine, giving him a daily brush and all his treats which he now expects (!) so we can have a holiday in the knowledge he will be happy and content at home.

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