A saviour for your summer garden

Posted on 9 May, 2016

Homesitters for watering and caring for gardens

Normally, we can confidently expect the British summer to be a washout…

So you’re able to go on holiday pretty sure that your garden will receive sufficient rain to keep all but the most needy plants alive.

With seasons getting more erratic, there may be time there is not sufficient moisture in the soil to sustain the traditional English garden without help. 

During the Spring of 2012, half of the country suffered the worst drought since 1976 and, even if we got rain, the hosepipe ban was set to continue indefinitely. And (for what they’re worth), the long-range weather predictions are mixed: some rain certainly, but also talk of a scorching days similar to the ones just witnessed this past weekend.

So keen gardeners who want a holiday face a predicament. Adapt your planting schemes for drought conditions? Or go for your preferred rich diversity (including annuals, vegetables and containers) – and somehow keep them watered?

The intelligent – and environmentally friendly solution – is to
– save water now
– use that carefully conserved water to maximum advantage while you are at home
– employ a suitably qualified person to maintain your good habits while you are away.

With the potential of widespread hosepipe ban, keen gardeners are already displaying their robustness and ingenuity. They maximise the number of water butts to capture any precious rainfall, recycle ‘grey’ water, weed rigorously (to eliminate competition for the precious water), mulch, and wield the watering cans with fortitude.

But it’s awfully hard on your neighbours or your family to expect them to maintain such a routine while you’re away…

The answer is to have a homesitter. Not only will they water and weed, they’ll cut the grass, deadhead, nurture your young plants, and generally keep things ticking over in the garden. And if you want, they’ll pick and freeze surplus fruit and veg too, so produce doesn’t wither on the vine or get snaffled by the birds and slugs.

And they will take the same diligent care of your home and pets.



  • Homesitters Ltd invented the concept of home and pet sitting as a commercial service in Britain. Since 1980 the company has provided a nationwide live-in house, pet and garden sitting service, available throughout the year.
  • Many of the sitters have moved to smaller homes on retirement and no longer have gardens of their own. But once a garden lover always a garden lover, so they welcome a chance to nurture someone else’s garden, always keeping to instructions of course.
  • Homesitters is not an agency. The 1000+ employees are meticulously vetted, personally interviewed and fully insured. They operate under the company’s direction with 24 hour back-up. Homesitters Ltd is the only provider endorsed by the HNW insurers; they like the company’s significant contribution to risk improvement, especially with regard to weather damage and theft.
  • Case studies and images can be provided. Please contact the press office below.
  • The Homesitters website is www.homesitters.co.uk

For further information or to make a booking, please contact us on 01296 630730


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