Backup plan saves the day over the festive period

Posted on 5 December, 2016

Scotland in winter

Even the best laid plans can sometimes go wrong.

When flooding in the UK prevented a homesitter from turning up for her assignment over the festive period, we were quickly able to action a backup plan that saved the day for our clients.

Vivien and Tony Dance from the west coast of Scotland had been due to spend New Year’s Eve in London with friends. They had booked a homesitter many months in advance to look after their cat Bonnie, who didn’t like being left alone. They thought they had everything covered. Their homesitter was due to arrive on 30th December in the afternoon, giving the couple plenty of time to catch the sleeper train to London.

However, despite her best efforts to reach them, the homesitter got stuck - all the roads were closed due to flooding and after calling the client she had to reluctantly head back home.

Vivien was relieved the homesitter was heading safely home but wondered if they would be able to make it down to London that evening, and if not, how to break the news to friends they had spent every New Year with.

Vivien called us and we started working on Plan B straightaway.

The Dances hadn’t expected us to have a backup plan as it was New Year, the weather was dreadful and they live in quite a remote part of Scotland.

However, within the hour, we called them to say that Roger Noon, a highly experienced home and pet sitter from Lancashire was on his way.

Roger had volunteered himself as an emergency homesitter over the Christmas and New Year period. He thrives on new challenges and loves the excitement of receiving a phone call asking him to go off to an assignment at short notice.

Despite the weather, Roger’s journey to Scotland was straightforward and the assignment was well worth the long drive.

Roger explained, “Vivien and Tony had a hot meal ready for me when I arrived which we ate together before they headed off to catch the train. Their property is beautiful with huge picture windows overlooking the Loch and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay.”

Vivien said, “Homesitters took away all our stress and worry. We were so impressed they had a contingency plan that enabled us to continue with our plans. Roger kept in touch while we were away to reassure us that all was well. When we returned a few days later it was as if we hadn’t been away. The house was fine and Bonnie was perfectly happy.”

Right now, we are busy taking bookings for the festive period and remember, we always have a selection of emergency homesitters at the ready should anything prevent your booked homesitter from turning up or fall ill.

Make sure you aren’t let down this Christmas season and book your homesitter with us now by clicking here to fill in our online form or call us at Head Office on 01296 630 730.


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