Become a homesitter

Being a homesitter offers occasional employment and interesting breaks from routine.

Our homesitters enjoy the chance to stay in new places and explore new surroundings, caring for other people’s homes, possessions and pets while they’re away. As many sits involve looking after dogs or cats, it’s also a great opportunity to enjoy the company of animals without the commitment or expense of owning them yourself.

As a homesitter, you have complete freedom to decide how many assignments you undertake each year, and what type of sits you do. While on assignment, you will receive a daily food allowance and travel expenses (both tax-free), and earn a modest remuneration to supplement your income. Home and pet sitting also provides an opportunity to make considerable savings on your own household bills while you are away.

If you think becoming a homesitter might be for you, click on the links below to find out more.

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