Benefits of using Homesitters over alternatives

Posted on 4 November, 2019

homesitter Peter Jones with Scottish terrier Ella

One of the considerations when you get a cat or dog (or both) is who will look after them when you go away. While many people often rely on family and friends, what happens if they aren’t available at the time you want to go away?

Also if you are someone that goes away fairly frequently asking family and friends every time just might not be practical. They may have other commitments and can’t always lend a helping hand. Plus you don’t want to take advantage.

There are other options such as kennels or catteries, but many pets dislike these. They are away from their family home and familiar people, and their routine is disrupted. For most dogs and cats this can be a very traumatic experience and it can take days for them to recover afterwards.

Many pet owners just don’t want to put their pet through this, especially if they haven’t been used to going to a kennel or cattery from a young age.

Even the new breed of luxury ‘pet hotels’ that are springing up, won’t be suitable for all pets and are just kennels and catteries at the end of the day with your pet still being away from home.

Websites that offer to put pet owners in touch with suitable house sitters can also be a gamble. Most people are not adequately vetted and the website owners have probably never even met the people they are recommending. Trusting your home and pet to someone who has joined a web site can be foolhardy.

Luckily there is an alternative and that’s employing one of our homesitters. This is someone who comes to live in your home when you go away, ensuring the house is safe and secure. They will look after your pets, sticking to their usual routine and giving your pet(s) plenty of human companionship while you are away.

Here are some of the benefits of using one of our homesitters:

Your pet stays in its home environment

Most cats and dogs would much prefer to stay at home when you are away. Having a home and pet sitter come to stay is the next best thing to having their owners there and is the stress-free option for your pet. Homesitters will make sure they adhere to the pet’s usual routines, plus for dogs they get to go for walks in their usual places. If a pet is on medication homesitters will also be able to administer this. They will even take your pet to follow up vet appointments if necessary whilst you are away.

All our homesitters are fully vetted & employed by us

Unlike many websites offering similar services all homesitters are fully vetted and have gone through our rigorous application procedure before being taken on. This includes an interview with us at head office, which means we have personally met all our homesitters. We also carry out detailed background checks covering the previous 20 years. Homesitters are employed directly with us too, unlike most other pet sitting agencies where people are taken on a self-employed basis.

You always meet the recommended homesitter

We always arrange a preliminary meeting between client and recommended homesitter prior to an assignment. This is an opportunity for clients to brief the homesitter on their pet and their routines, plus have a tour around the home so they know where everything is and how things work. This is reassuring for client and homesitter, as well as pets as they have a chance to meet the homesitter and bond with them before coming to stay. Also if a client decides for whatever reason the homesitter isn’t suitable for their requirements then we can find an alternative.

Clients often have regular homesitters

Many of our clients have used our services for years. This means they often end up using the same home and pet sitter which can be a big bonus. Your dog or cat gets to know them and forms a strong bond. For dogs especially they are excited to see a familiar person and often greet them just like a family friend. Cats also like to see a familiar face and although they may not show the same excitement they will be secretly happy to see someone they know.

For clients this is really reassuring too and means they can head off on holiday with peace of mind that their pet is going to be happy to be looked after by someone familiar. Another benefit is the homesitter also knows their way around the home and clients don’t have to keep briefing different homesitters every time they go away.

Great for homes with multiple pets

Employing a homesitter is especially cost-effective for people that have a menagerie of pets. Having all your pets looked after by one person at home, saves on the cost of sending several dogs and cats to kennels and catteries, which will charge per animal. It also saves on the inconvenience of having to transport pets to different places just before you head off on holiday.

Extra home security

As well as your pet being looked after, a homesitter also takes care of your home and ensures it looks occupied while you are away. This can help prevent opportunistic burglaries and means there is someone on hand to deal with emergencies such as a burst water pipe in cold weather or water the garden during a heatwave.

Fully ensured and provide 24/7 backup

We have full insurance for all our homesitters, plus many insurers endorse the service as they understand that having someone staying in a home is much better than leaving it empty for a few weeks. Some insurers even offer reduced premiums to people that use homesitting services. We also offer 24/7 support to all our homesitters on assignment, which includes calling them daily to ensure all is going well.

If you want peace of mind that your pet and home is being looked after by a caring professional then get in touch with Homesitters to find out more.


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