Brexit – eliminate travel costs and become a homesitter

Posted on 9 January, 2017

National Trust

The EU Referendum has had a negative effect on the value of the pound making holidays more expensive for Brits travelling abroad, especially to Europe.

Whilst this may put off some people from travelling, ABTA’s Holiday Habits Report 2016[i] suggests this isn’t so. Its research found that 86% of Britons said they took a holiday either at home or abroad in the 12 months to August 2016, which was a significant increase on the previous year (77%).

For those looking to travel more in the UK this year, but also keep their travel costs down, then becoming a homesitter could be the answer.

Homesitters stay in someone’s home whilst they are away keeping the home secure and looking after any pets.

Becoming one of our homesitters is a great way to see the UK without the costs of staying in a hotel or B&B. As we operate throughout the UK, an assignment could take place anywhere and this is part of the appeal for many of our homesitters, although most tend to choose assignments within an 80 mile radius of their home.

People can explore parts of the country they haven’t visited before, and many become members of organisations such as the National Trust, so that they can visit local attractions whenever they are on assignment.

The role suits people who are retired and it can also be a good way to supplement their pension. Homesitters receive a daily food allowance and travel expenses (both tax-free) and whilst people don’t choose to do it for the money, they also earn a modest remuneration.

Whilst on assignment homesitters can also make considerable savings on their household bills, plus they often find they spend less money whilst they are busy caring for someone’s home and pets.

Many relish looking after dogs and enjoy taking them on long walks; others use the time to catch up on hobbies such as painting, reading and embroidery.

Often couples decide to become homesitters together and end up spending a large number of weeks away on assignment each year. The role is very flexible and people can take on as many assignments as they wish.

Retired couple, Malcolm and Sue Horsup decided to become homesitters when they retired in 2013. The couple thought it would be the ideal way to spend the long winter months in the UK.

Malcolm explained: “We have a boat in France so during the summer we spend our time there or travelling in other countries. We’re both very active and wanted something to occupy us in the winter. We didn’t want to be sat twiddling our thumbs.”

One of the big attractions of the role was the prospect of looking after lots of dogs. Whilst the couple have never owned a dog together, Sue had owned a couple of Dobermans in the past.

Malcolm explained: “We would love a dog of our own, but we travel too much. However, since becoming homesitters, we get our ‘dog fix’ every winter and all the assignments we do involve looking after dogs. We’ve had German Shepherds, Labradors and three Italian Spinone, one of which whom was a former show dog.”

Today, they take on around ten assignments every year. They have many regular clients and have stayed in some fantastic homes. These have included multi-million pound mansions with swimming pools and gyms and Grade 1 listed houses dating back to the 12th century, as well as typical family homes.

We are always keen to recruit new homesitters as our business continues to grow. Please click here to find out more or call us at our Head Office on 01296 630 730.



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