Press Release - Call in the homesitters to secure a home during probate

Posted on 22 June, 2016

Rest In Peace

Properties going through probate are often highly vulnerable as they tend to be left unoccupied, especially if the executors of the estate live miles away.

According to national home and pet sitting company, Homesitters Ltd, many people in this situation are employing homesitters to protect the home and to ensure it’s still covered by insurance.

Figures from the Local Government Association, highlight that there are 709,426 unoccupied homes in England, with a third of these being empty for six months or more. Of these left empty for six months or more, almost 10 percent are awaiting probate.

Most insurers won’t cover a property if it is left unoccupied for 30 days or more, and although there is no set turn around for probate, it can take up to nine months to be granted – a long time for a property to remain empty.

Police and insurers often recommend that someone moves into a deceased’s home before the funeral takes place and stays whilst probate is granted.

Alan Irvine, Chairman of Homesitters Ltd says: “Providing homesitters for probate properties is a growing part of our business. Unfortunately burglars are keen readers of obituaries and death notices, which mean that empty homes are ideal targets for theft. These properties are also at risk from damp and adverse weather conditions like flooding and freezing temperatures which can result in burst pipes.”

“We are used to moving fast to protect these high-risk properties and can provide a live-in homesitter to protect against burglary and damage, as well as care for possessions and any pets. This ensures a home is still protected by insurance, and it gives people more time to remove any valuable items or do up a home for sale once probate is granted,” adds Mr Irvine.

One client of Homesitters Ltd recently used its probate service on the recommendation of their insurance company. He employed a homesitter to look after the home of his late mother in Lancashire for 11 months, whilst he and his family decided what to do with the property. This gave him peace of mind the house was safe and secure, but also saved him a lot of money from potential flood damage which occurred in the area at the time.

One of the homesitters who looked after the property, Sue Carlisle from Derbyshire said,

“Usually our assignments are focused on looking after pets, but with this one the security of the house was the most important thing. When we were staying at the house, there was the dreadful flooding in Lancashire and thankfully, we kept it water free.

“The rain was torrential so we unblocked the gutters to stop the house flooding and checked the windows and roof weren’t leaking. Having a homesitter meant that all bases were covered, not only was the house secure from the threat of burglars or squatters, but also from the risk of damage from flooding, storms or power cuts,” adds Ms Carlisle.

Homesitters Ltd has over 1,000 homesitters throughout the UK that are available to do long and short sits, including probate sits. The company is endorsed by several insurance companies and are often recommended to clients going through probate.

For more information on Homesitters probate sits please click here or call 01296 630 730. 


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