Case Study - Homesitters Ltd’s professional approach attracts former Rolls Royce employee

Posted on 2 August, 2016

Homesitter with Scottish Terrier

Roger Noon from Colne in Lancashire has been home sitting for almost 16 years since taking early retirement from his career with Rolls Royce.

After retiring Roger decided to downsize as his two sons had grown up and moved out so he sold his large house and bought a small cottage in the countryside which he renovated and then considered what to do next.

He read a magazine feature about Homesitters – a company that specialises in home and pet sitting - and realised it could be the perfect role for him. He applied for a position and following an interview became a homesitter.

Roger chose to work with Homesitters rather than other companies offering similar services because of the company’s high standards and professionalism which reminded him of working at Rolls Royce.

He explained, “At Rolls Royce there was only one standard and that was perfect. I’ve found this to be the same case with Homesitters. It is an upmarket and extremely professional company and I am proud to tell people that I work for them.”

“All homesitters are company employees and required to follow strict rules and regulations. The company is meticulous about detail. If a client uses a certain floor cleaner then you must use this brand when you look after their home; everything must be exactly as the client wants it.”

“The company also makes sure that the client and the homesitter meet and get on. It sets up an introductory meeting before the assignment and also provides a handy checklist of things to ask the client such as where things are, how the utilities work and a list of emergency contacts. These processes mean I am always fully prepared for every assignment.”

A representative from Homesitters regularly checks in with homesitters on assignment to ensure everything is going well and the company provides back up support 24 hours a day for clients and homesitters in case of any emergency.

With almost 150 homesits under his belt, Roger is thoroughly enjoying the role. He loves spending time looking after dogs and exploring different parts of the country. He finds it incredibly rewarding that clients feel comfortable leaving him to look after their homes and pets.

He concluded, “Home sitting is such a rewarding job and I have full confidence in the Homesitters team – they know me well and my preferences and skills so always give me assignments I enjoy. I hope to continue working with the company for a good many more years.”


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