Case Study - Retired police officer to trustworthy homesitter

Posted on 9 April, 2017

Homesitter walking Cocker Spaniel

Peter Holmes is a 64 year old retired police officer who lives in Seaford on the South Coast. He has been home and pet sitting through national home and pet sitting company, Homesitters Ltd for four years ever since he retired.

Prior to retiring, Peter had wanted to find something to do to break up the routine of retirement and keep himself mentally and physically alert. He had heard about homesitting and after doing some research came across Homesitters Ltd which he thought looked like a reputable company.

He applied for a role and an in-depth interview, as well as being CRB checked, he was taken on.

Peter has been doing up to six assignments per year, fitting them around his other commitments including working in a school. He really enjoys the role and says it suits his skill set.

Peter explains: “I wanted to find a role that would be challenging and responsible. Having been a police officer I am use to dealing with people and situations. I also wanted to do something that would take me out and about exploring new places too.

“I love the variety the role offers. I have stayed in lots of different types of homes including farmhouses in the Surrey and Sussex countryside, multi-million pound homes in London, as well as average semi-detached homes.”

Peter particularly likes looking after dogs, but he has also looked after cats, pigs, sheep, fish and chickens. His last assignment was looking after two energetic Hungarian Vizsla’s and a German shepherd.

Demands of the role

He says the role does demand someone to be physically fit, especially when dealing with dogs.

He says: “The last assignment involved me taking the three dogs in the client’s car to the woods for their walks. All three are very lively and once in the woods run about everywhere. One day one of the Vizsla’s refused to jump in the car, I think she was tired after her run, so I had to lift her in. She is quite heavy so it was important that I was strong enough to be able to do this.”

“You also need to be able to digest information fast as when you meet clients at the preliminary meeting you have to make sure you listen and make notes of how everything works in the home, as well as the routine of any pets.”

He says the role is ideal for retired police officers as clients perceive people who have had a career in the police as responsible, trustworthy, able to deal with emergency situations should they arise and also physically fit.

“My clients have a lot of confidence in me because of my background and I have several repeat clients. This saves going through everything each time and now they just tell me where the key is and I can let myself in. Pets also get to know me and are excited to see me again. I really enjoy the rapport I have with my clients and look forward to each assignment.”

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