Case Study - Susan and Surojit Ghosh

Posted on 14 November, 2016

Bengal cats - Sprite and Scamp

Susan and Surojit Ghosh from London have been using Homesitters for around 15 years since the service was recommended to them.

Although they live in London, the Ghosh’s live next to a school and in the school holidays the area can be quiet so they like the security of having someone to stay in their home and look after their cat at the same time.

When they started using Homesitters they had one cat, Pepsi who has since sadly died, and they now have two part Bengal kittens called Sprite and Scamp.

Initially the Ghosh’s used Homesitters once or twice a year when they went on their summer holiday and when they travelled to India at Christmas to see Surojit’s family. However, when Surojit was posted to Hong Kong for work the service really came into its own. Susan was still based in London but used to travel to Hong Kong for five or six weeks at a time and they relied on Homesitters to look after Pepsi and their home.

Before the first homesit, Susan was rather apprehensive about having strangers staying in her home but the homesitters were so nice and the assignment went so well, they haven’t looked back since.

Susan said, “We wouldn’t go away now and leave our home empty, we always use Homesitters, even for long weekends away. It’s not just a professional service, the homesitters are interesting people and you feel like they will really look after your home. Also the company follows up after every home sit to check we were happy with everything.

“In the whole time we’ve been using Homesitters we’ve had the same two contacts at the company which makes it a really personal service, we feel we know them really well, and they know us really well too.”

In Pepsi’s last year she was unwell and needed regular medication but Susan was able to go away and leave Pepsi in the care of homesitters with whom she was familiar and who were fond of her.

Susan said, “We had homesitters who had had cats themselves and had given medication to cats before so were comfortable with the situation and knew how to deal with it. We felt reassured that Pepsi was in safe hands and that she wouldn’t feel that we had abandoned her because she was with people she knew.”

Now the Ghosh’s have Sprite and Scamp who are just over a year old and lots of fun. They are brothers and are very affectionate with each other and with people. Susan was told that Bengal cats are the closest cat you can get to a dog and definitely sees some truth in this. The cats love company and they follow her around all the time wanting to play.

The children at the school next door have become firm friends with the adventurous pair who go into the school playing fields to watch the sports lessons and for cuddles at break time. The pair also seem to have won the hearts of the homesitters who said, “They kept us laughing the whole time!”

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