Country Living - The 10 most popular dog walking spots in the UK

Posted on 1 October, 2021

Image by Sven Lachmann from Pixabay

Written by Emma-Louise Pritchard for Country Living

A map has been compiled to reveal the 10 most popular places in the UK to walk a dog and they are a mixture of coastal strolls and inland rambles.

The list has been pulled together by Animed, who analysed Tripadvisor data from 200 of the top dog walking locations in the country. They did so by counting how many times 'dog walking' was referenced in the reviews for that area.

As well as the locations on a map of the UK, the researchers also looked at what type of landscape is most popular among dog owners and their exercise-mad pooches.

Source: Animed and TripAdvisor via Country Living

Here are the headlines:

Hengistbury Head Beach is the most popular place for dog walks in the UK (full list below)

The park is the most popular type of location for dog walks in the UK

Brereton Heath Local Nature Reserve has the highest percentage of dog walking-related reviews

Source: Pinterest via Country Living

The top spot, Hengistbury Head Beach in Bournemouth, offers up unspoilt stretches of golden sand and playful sand dunes. It sits in an area designated as a Site of Scientific Interest and a Local Nature Reserve. There's a car park and a cafe to tick off the practical elements of the perfect dog walk, too.

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