Dog Time - 10 Things We Can Learn From Our Dogs

Posted on 25 August, 2021

Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash

By Maggie Clancy for Dog Time

Living with a doggy companion is arguably one of the best things ever. Dogs are good for your health, they keep you company, and they’re easily the most adorable members of your household.

Turns out that we can add “wise sage” to the list of things that describe our dogs and why they’re so special to us.

Here are some life lessons we can learn from our pups.

Never Take Loved Ones For Granted

No matter where you've been or how your day has gone, your dog is always ecstatic to see you and hear about what's going on in your life -- or at least they're excited to get some pets!

The way our dogs act when we come home, you'd think we'd been gone for centuries, even if it's just been a few hours.

I'm not saying we should all jump up on our spouses as soon as they get home, but a genuine happiness to see someone you care about is always appreciated.

Eat With Gusto

Every meal your pup has is a religious experience.

Maybe instead of eating your dinner in front of the TV, you can take a few minutes to really enjoy your meal, just like Fido. Try not to drool as much as your pup, though.

Chill. Relax. Take A Nap.

A couch. A pillow. Your bed. A pile of clothes.

Your dog has somehow found endless places to take a nap and doesn't understand why you just don't follow suit sometimes.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Your dog may love the outdoors by default -- hello, the world is their toilet! -- but they want you to love it, too.

Take some time to take an extra long walk with your pup every now and then to soak up some vitamin D.

There Is Never A Bad Time To Play

Sometimes, it may seem like your pup wants to play at the most inopportune moments, like when you just got demoted or had a fight with a loved one. But those may be the best times to play.

You are never too old, busy, or upset to let loose and insert a little fun in your life.

Don't Bite When A Growl Will Do

Most dogs don't simply bite if threatened; they warn you with a snarl first. Humans could benefit from this practice, as well.

If someone is up in your grill or rubbing you the wrong way, warn them before completely lashing out at them.

They may get the hint and back off.

Things Are Just That -- Things

Dogs don't know whether they're getting into a brand new SUV or a 15-year-old lemon, and they don't care. They just know they're going with you.

It's okay to want certain things -- like a really squeaky ball -- every once in a while, but don't make it the center of your universe.

Sit & Listen

I know I'm not the only one guilty of talking to my dog after a rough day.

You know why we talk to our dogs? Because they listen. They don't scoff at your problems; they nuzzle into you.

Sometimes we just need to do the same for our loved ones.

Be Loyal

Loyalty is becoming a rare trait among humans, and yet it's something that our dogs practice with such ease.

Your dog has seen you at your worst and at your best and loved you the same all the way.

People can sometimes deserve this loyalty as well.

Live In The Moment

Your dog may know where you stash snacks or when it's time for a morning walk, but more often than not, dogs are focused on one thing: what's happening right now.Dogs don't dwell on past mistakes -- as your chewed up slipper proves -- and they don't worry much about the future. Every now and then, it's okay for you to do that, too.

What life lessons has your dog taught you? Do you think people should learn more from their dogs? Let Maggie Clancy and Dog Time know in their comment section in the original article:


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