Dog Time - What’s The Best Way To Capture Special Moments With Your Dog? Meet Pet Photographer Adriana Mrizek!

Posted on 24 August, 2020

Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay

How Do You Get Great Pictures Of Dogs?

Written by Brian Sweeney for Dog Time

Let me just state up front, I have the best dog. I know many people claim they have the best dog, but they are wrong. I have the best dog that has ever existed. My dog’s name is Archer, and he’s the magnificent, handsome beast in the picture above.

I’m constantly taking pictures of him throughout the day, and my phone is about 87 percent full of photos and video of Archer. But when I came across a Facebook event that was advertising a holiday-themed dog photoshoot at the local animal hospital, I decided that Archer would finally have a professional capture his majesty.

Photographer Adriana Mrizek runs Furry Reflections Photography, and after our first photo session, we became repeat customers. Adriana is great at getting the perfect expression from pets. Every time we’d come to one of her themed photoshoots, there were always new fun backdrops and props, and you could tell everyone was having a great time.

I was able to talk to Adriana earlier this year and find out about her work with pet photography.

BRIAN: I’m sure this is the question you get asked most often: How you do you get the dogs to stay still for the photos?

ADRIANA: In the studio, one thing is to make sure the dog is comfortable in their surroundings. Allow them to smell the area. I make sure that I give them attention so that they are comfortable with me. And also that the owner is comfortable, because if the owner is nervous, the dog will get nervous as well.

I did a shoot of Doberman once where I had the mother, the father, and seven puppies, and at one point I had them all crawling all over me, and the dad came and put his whole mouth over my camera lens. Not like he yanked it or anything, he just licked it a bit.

It’s okay — it happens. It comes with the territory.

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