Dogtime - How To Tell If Your Dog Is Losing Their Hearing

Posted on 25 July, 2022

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Written by Phillip Mlynar for Dogtime

As dogs get older, it’s common for them to suffer from some degree of hearing loss. But you can stay on top of the issue and make appropriate adjustments to your routine if you keep alert and pick up on early signs like a general lack of responsiveness, a tendency to sleep deeper than usual, and louder-than-normal barking.

Also, you should know that dogs who lose their ability to hear can still live healthy, happy lives. Deafness will not significantly harm your dog’s quality of life so long as you remain attentive to their needs. Your veterinarian can help you with this, and you should definitely see your vet if you suspect your dog is suffering hearing loss.

Let’s look at how you can tell if your dog is losing their hearing.

What Are The Signs A Dog Is Losing Their Hearing?

First of all, your dog might be losing their hearing if they suddenly stop responding to their name being called. This can also apply to your canine no longer responding to commands you give them.

Similarly, if your dog usually becomes alerted by the sound of the mailman or the doorbell ringing, but no longer seems to notice, this could be an indication that their hearing is deteriorating.

Related to this, you might also notice that your dog is becoming less obedient. This could be a sign that they are simply not able to hear your commands as well as they used to.

When a dog loses their hearing, they are prone to barking louder and more often than usual. This is because they can no longer hear their own voice and regulate it appropriately.

Finally, when a dog’s hearing begins to get worse, they often sleep longer and more deeply than usual. This can be a form of withdrawing from the world, and it can also be that they aren’t able to hear sounds around them that might normally disturb their slumber and wake them up.

What Should You Do If You Think Your Dog Is Losing Their Hearing?

First of all, there’s no need to panic! Lots of dogs experience hearing loss as they get older. You can speak to your vet about the issue, and if you ask around, you’ll likely find friends or social media buddies who have dealt with the same issue.

In most cases, there are simple changes to the daily routine that can help a dog with impaired hearing, like incorporating visual rather than verbal signs for commands, along with being more cautious when out and about for walks.

Have you ever had a dog who started to lose their hearing? What signs did you see, and how did you help them? Tell Phillip Mlynar and Dogtime about it in the comment section of the original article -


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