Endorsed by leading insurers

Insurers are all too aware that homes are at a much greater risk of burglary and vandalism while left unoccupied. They therefore look favourably on homeowners who make arrangements to protect their properties when they are away on holiday or business.

Homesitters’ clients are considered to take better-than-average care of their homes, because using our services demonstrates that they plan ahead, take sensible precautions and are less likely to make a claim.

Mention us to your insurers to see what premium reductions they can offer.


"The service provided by Homesitters is recognised as a benefit and therefore we reward our Distinct clients with a discount at renewal if this service is used"
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Covea Insurance

“Covea Insurance supports the service Homesitters provides, as an effective risk management service. Homesitters’ customers receive a 5% discount on their renewal premium”
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