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Case Study - Susan and Surojit Ghosh

It’s not just a professional service, the homesitters are interesting people and you feel like they will really look after your home.

14 November, 2016

Case Study - Teachers Lyndsey Weekes

Tilly likes her home comforts and routine. Like most cats she is territorial and doesn’t like change, so I didn’t consider putting her in a cattery

18 July, 2016

Case Study - Escape to the country through Homesitters Ltd

Having led such busy lives, they were both apprehensive about adjusting to a quiet retirement. Becoming homesitters seemed to be the perfect option them – offering flexible employment with responsibility and a sense of purpose.

6 July, 2016

Case Study - ​Herding cats and home sitting

Ann is so impressed with Homesitters that when she and her partner went on holiday a few years ago and didn’t have anyone to look after their own three cats they used the service themselves.

29 June, 2016