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Why dogs need company too

Being left alone can have a negative effect on dogs. 40% of the survey respondents admitted their pet has shown signs of distress including barking, whimpering and destroying furniture when they have been left on their own.

10 April, 2017

Puppy training tips

All puppies need some basic training and attending puppy training classes is something owners should consider. It helps their dog socialise, learn commands like come, sit and stay, and for them, it’s a chance to meet other local dog owners.

3 April, 2017

​​​Rise in dog theft

Dog theft has risen 22% in the past two years in England and Wales and a BBC investigation found more than 5,000 dogs have been reported stolen to police forces.

10 October, 2016

Most popular dogs for families

With dogs so popular in many homes our house sitters often not only look after the house but also care for the pet dog - a great experience. Call us today.

3 October, 2016

Top dog walking tips

If you are house sitting where their is a pet dog, here are our top tips for a happy and peaceful walk. A great experience. Call us today.

26 September, 2016

​Dog friendly beaches

According to there are 351 beaches that allow dogs & a further 450 beaches that allow dogs with some restrictions in the British Isles.

1 August, 2016