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Millennials splurge on pampered pets

A report by Mintel last year found that cash-rich, time-poor millennials are behind a spending boom on pets which is predicted to increase 25% over the next five years.

14 January, 2019

UK pets overweight, lonely and stressed according to a PDSA report

Ensure your pets are happy and stress-free when you're away from home. Our live-in Homesitters will comfort your pets and make sure they stick to their food & exercise routines. PDSA report that UK pets are overweight & stressed. Contact Homesitters.

1 January, 2019

Keeping pets safe over Christmas

Homesitters advice on keeping your pets safe over Christmas. The festive season can be a dangerous time for pets; Many foods are poisonous e.g. chocolate & grapes & households are busier than usual, meaning it is difficult to keep an eye out for them.

17 December, 2018

​Keeping pets safe on Bonfire Night

Homesitters provide advice on keeping your pets safe during Bonfire Night & other firework occasions. If your pets are scared of fireworks but you have to leave the house on Bonfire Night, hire a Pet Sitter to look after you pet. Contact us for details.

5 November, 2018

How home and pet sitting can improve your mental wellbeing

Butcher’s Pet Care found that dog owners are healthier than those without pets. Join our pet sitting team here at Homesitters to increase your mental & physical health whilst looking after other people's pets. Contact us for further details.

10 October, 2018