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Why more people are turning to Homesitters during probate

Empty properties could be at risk of theft and vandalism during probate. Homesitters provide live-in caretakers to ensure your house is safe until the probate process is completed. Contact Homesitters Ltd for information.

19 November, 2018

Keeping your home secure this winter

Insurance company, Policy Expert, have stated that 45% of people now arrange a house sitter to help prevent burglaries, as well as avoid damage from things like a burst pipe and to look after pets, when they go away. Contact Homesitters for details.

22 October, 2018

The amazing adventures of Katzenworld

Beautiful cartoon from Katzenworld, a blog dedicated to proving support to cat owners. We provided Cat Sitting services whilst you're away from your home.

9 August, 2018

The Sun - Living the dream

Couple ditch their jobs to house-sit in the mansions of the rich and famous… and they earn enough to have SIX holidays a year

4 July, 2018