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Why walking can keep the brain and body healthy

“Walking facilitates creativity, improves mood, and sharpens our thinking. Aerobic exercise after learning actually enhances recall. Reliable, regular exercise produces new cells in the part of the brain concerned with learning and memory”.

10 February, 2020

How to Become the Best Dog Sitter

​Do you dream of becoming a dog sitter? More people are looking to work with pets, because, let’s face it, they’re great! Walking dogs, making new four-legged friends, unlimited cuddle; the list goes on. Join our Pet Sitting team to start your dream job.

19 September, 2019

Life as a homesitting couple

Being home & pet sitters has enabled this outgoing couple to combine their love of animals and nature, with their spirit of adventure. Homesitting jobs provide the perfect lifestyle for people enjoying retirement. Contact us to become a Homesitter.

2 September, 2019