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Tips for pampering your pets

​We’re a pet loving nation. In the UK it’s estimated that 12 million (44%) households have pets with around 51 million pets owned.

15 June, 2020

Staying active and busy during the Coronavirus outbreak

​With most of us having to stay indoors for the next few weeks, following Government advice to stay at home to stop the spread of coronavirus, we thought we’d put together some suggestions to relieve the boredom!

1 April, 2020

How to Become the Best Dog Sitter

​Do you dream of becoming a dog sitter? More people are looking to work with pets, because, let’s face it, they’re great! Walking dogs, making new four-legged friends, unlimited cuddle; the list goes on. Join our Pet Sitting team to start your dream job.

19 September, 2019 - Dogs in hot cars

Advice on how to keep your pets safe & comfortable during the heatwave this summer. At Homesitters, we offer pet sitting services to ensure your pet remains healthy during extreme weather, whilst you're away from home. Contact us for details.

23 July, 2019