Hiscox Private Client

A discreet and personal service.
Hiscox is proud to continue our long standing partnership with Homesitters.

Hiscox Private Client insurance is provided by a specialist team at Hiscox who arrange tailored insurance solutions for those with higher value homes in the UK and Western Europe, modern and classic cars, jewellery, art and other collectibles. Clients value their professional and discreet approach; you will deal with just one personal contact who can adapt your policy at any time, as your circumstances change.

  • Save ten per cent on your policy (subject to a minimum premium)
  • Expert team – Hiscox understand that every client is unique and their team will tailor an exclusive policy to suit each client depending on their needs
  • Straightforward approach – Cover for your main home, second homes, cars, art and collections – all managed in one place
  • Superb service – No forms to complete, just sensible conversations and a seamless service. The Hiscox team build a relationship with each client and are on hand to answer queries and adapt your policy at any time

To arrange a personal quotation:
Call: 020 7448 6887
Email: private.client@hiscox.com
Visit: www.hiscoxprivateclient.com