Burglars gearing up for Christmas?

Posted on 30 November, 2015

Christmas Presents

What do police chiefs least want for Christmas?

A sharp increase in property crime must come high up the list.

So new police data showing a sudden surge in burglary, theft and muggings with thieves targeting smartphones and tablet computers makes very unwelcome news*.

Particularly as tablets are expected to be high on the Christmas present list again, as they were in 2012… Along with the other portable, light, high value, easily saleable goods that thieves like: cameras, electrical items, TVs, jewellery, silver and antiques.

So when you’re planning to be out and about partying, visiting family or doing that last minute shopping this festive season, how should you protect the Christmas presents?

  • hide them; don’t put them under the tree until Christmas Eve. And, if possible, hide them in the attic, not obvious easily accessible places like the wardrobe or under the bed
  • before wrapping them, make a note of the model and serial numbers. And keep the receipts separately, so you have a record and thieves can’t take them back to the shop!
  • once unwrapped, put your postcode on your new acquisitions with a permanent marker – it makes them harder to sell and therefore less attractive
  • rip up present boxes and take them to the tip – putting them in the bin advertises your home’s new and valuable contents
  • make sure that your contents insurance gives an automatic increase in cover over the Christmas season, just in case the worst should happen…

Burglaries peak in the winter months with the long hours of darkness so, if you’re going to be away, ensure that you are protected: strong secure doors, adequate locks on doors and windows, outbuildings secured so ladders and garden tools are not available. And take steps to make your home look occupied: use time switches to turn on lights and radios, or dusk till dawn lights.

Better still, leave your home occupied: have a Homesitter.

*Unconfirmed April to September figures for North West England show household burglary up 5.4%, theft up 7.8%, shoplifting up 10.7% compared with the same period last year. Whilst the figures show a North-South divide, there is concern that the rising ‘acquisitive crime’ will spread to all regions (London has also seen a wave of smartphone thefts) and bring an end to the era of falling crime figures.



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