How to become a Homesitter: A guide to getting hired

Posted on 1 July, 2024

If you’re thinking about becoming a homesitter, and looking for a role that offers flexibility, the chance to explore new places, and the opportunity to care for pets and properties. Homesitting is a fantastic option for retirees looking for a flexible and rewarding part-time job. Here's our comprehensive guide on how to become a homesitter and get hired.

It’s essential to understand what homesitting entails. Homesitters are responsible for looking after someone else's home and pets while the owners are away. Duties can include pet care, basic home maintenance, gardening, and ensuring the property is secure. It's a role that requires reliability, attention to detail, and a love for animals.

Ask yourself if you have the qualities needed to be a successful homesitter. Key attributes include reliability, trustworthiness, attention to detail, good communication skills, and a genuine love for animals. If these qualities resonate with you, homesitting could be an excellent fit.

One of the best ways to get started is by registering with a reputable homesitting company like Homesitters Ltd. We differ from agencies because we employ all our homesitters. This also means we support them on assignment and provide comprehensive insurance for them too.

When applying to become a homesitter, you'll need to present yourself as a reliable and trustworthy candidate which is why at Homesitters, we undertake rigorous interviews and take references and do background checks. Be prepared for this as it reassures homeowners of your reliability.

To stand out as a homesitter, develop skills that are in demand. These include:

Gain experience with different types of pets and understand their needs. You may be a former pet owner or you could gain experience by volunteering at an animal shelters or looking after a neighbour’s pet.

Basic home maintenance: Learn how to handle minor home repairs and maintenance tasks. This could include maintaining a garden or troubleshooting basic household issues.

Communication: Work on your communication skills to ensure you can build rapport with the clients and handle any issues that arise during the homesit.

Becoming a homesitter can be a rewarding and flexible way to earn an income while enjoying new experiences.

By understanding the role, assessing your suitability, and having good references and relevant experience you can increase your chances of getting hired. With dedication and the right approach, homesitting can become a fulfilling part of your lifestyle. If this sounds of interest and you want to start your journey towards becoming a successful homesitter today, please contact us:


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