How to Overcome the Challenges of Apartment Living With a Pet

Posted on 23 September, 2021

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Written by Shawn Mack

Moving into a small space with a pet(s) can be a challenge all on its own. Or, perhaps, it would be wiser to state it as the beginning of challenges, a storm.

From decorating the interiors to finding the best spot for your pet’s bed - there are several considerations and decisions you will have to make.

True, you may have a spacious apartment. But, it is an apartment, after all. Unlike a house, your pet won’t have access to the outdoor environment-those lush gardens to play in and enjoy.

And, this means changes in pet moods and temperament. Your pet will require special attention and assistance to adapt to these changes.

So, while you adjust to the apartment life yourself, here are some ways to battle pet-related challenges. Read more!

Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle

Big or not – it is always best to keep an apartment with pets as minimalistic as possible.

The shift from a house to an apartment itself will already highlight the difference in space. And, having a crowded and messy interior will further emphasize the aspect.

Consequently, your pet will find the apartment smaller. It might even develop an agitated and restless behavior.

To help your pet adjust, try adopting a minimalist lifestyle that keeps everything neat and tidy. Only keep those things in your apartment that are necessary. Ensure that all household items are organized yet eye-pleasing.

Also, consider painting the walls using neutral shades, such as white. It will give the impression of a wide and open space.

Training Your Pet

If you’re a working adult, it means that your pet will have to spend a lot of time on its own in the apartment. It also means that your furry buddy will have access to all kinds of things. You can come home to anything, from a wrecked kitchen to a ruined bed.

But, worry not. The most effective way to tackle these issues is to train your pet.

Create a routine where you teach the pet to do various specified activities throughout the day. It will ensure the accident and havoc become less frequent.

Teach your pet about the new position of the pot. Place it in front of your pet, and take him there whenever you find him wanting to go to the washroom.

Also, if possible, try considering a pet sitter who will look after your pets while you are out at the work.

Make a Garden Office

Since most apartments don’t have gardens or outdoor space, having a garden office is an effective way to help your pet.

You can create one in any available green space. Set up a workspace, and take your pet there during your work hours. You can complete your assignments with focus while your pet enjoys its nature time.

Try finding more pet owners in your apartment, and talk to them about sharing the garden office. If they agree, your pet will even have company too. It will help your furry pal develop an interest in apartment life and adjust. Go here to learn more about garden offices.

Create a Dedicated Pet Space

Sometimes, leaving the pet free in the apartment while you’re out working is not the solution. Your pet may be aggressive or too playful. It could mean coming back to a destroyed apartment.

In these cases, you should consider creating a dedicated pet space. You can use the spare room and make it into your pet’s space. Place all the necessary items there, including a bed, food bowl, water bowl, and pot.

Make sure the room has things to keep your pet entertained and happy while you’re away. You can place cat plants, toys, and even balls. Once your pet gets comfortable in there, you can start leaving him in the dedicated space whenever you go to work.

Final Thoughts

Undeniably, handling pets in an apartment can be a daunting task. However, it is not at all impossible. Just remember to take the necessary steps, and you can enjoy a peaceful life in an apartment with your furry pal. Hopefully, this article will have helped!


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