It’s peak holiday booking time, but have you thought about your pets?

Posted on 15 January, 2018

Skiing holiday

January and February are traditionally the busiest holiday booking periods.

According to ABTA[i] a third of summer holidays are sold during the first two months of the year as people make the most of deals and discounts, as well as the opportunity to ensure availability in popular resorts and destinations.

Often those who ski also book their week on the slopes in January as they wait to see which resorts have the best snow. With Europe[ii] already experiencing some of the best snowfall in years more people are likely to be getting their ski trip booked early in January.

With all the excitement that goes with choosing and booking a holiday many people forget to think about who will look after their pets whilst they are away.

This can mean running around at the last minute trying to find a solution – adding to the pre-holiday stress. To avoid the stress why not book a homesitter at the same time as making the holiday booking?

Increasingly people are using homesitters as an alternative to relying on family and friends or having to find a kennel or cattery. There are several advantages to using a professional to care for your home and pet.

The main benefit is the pet will be able to stay in their home environment. For dogs and cats this can the best option as homesitters will adhere to the pet’s usual day to day routine. This can be far less stressful for them especially if they are already unsettled when their owners go away. Dogs will also be happier walking in familiar places.

Hiring a homesitter also ensures the home is occupied and kept safe. This means less chance of being burgled, plus there is someone on hand should something happen such as frozen water pipe bursting, which could potentially cause a lot of damage if left.

Booking a homesitter also means people won’t be let down at the last minute if a friend or family member suddenly can’t look after their pet. Even if the homesitter booked has an emergency and can’t do the assignment, we will find a suitable replacement from the many homesitters we have on our books throughout the UK.

Many of our clients have regular homesitters which they like to use as they get to know their pets and their home. This means it becomes more like a family friend coming to stay, which for dogs and cats can make it far easier on them when their owners go away.

It’s always best to book a homesitter as early as possible, so there is time for the important preliminary meeting with the homesitter we have selected. This is the opportunity to see how a pet reacts to them and to run through their usual care routine.

It’s also useful for showing the homesitter around the house and making sure they know how everything works such as the heating and the alarm system, and know where important things are like the stopcock.

If you are just about to book your holiday and have pets that need looking after, please get in touch with us on 01296 630 730 to book your homesitter. It will be one less thing to worry about in the run up to your holiday.




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