January is the best month to book your next holiday, but make sure to book your homesitter too!

Posted on 13 January, 2020


New research from online travel service, Opodo [i] highlights that January is the best month to book a holiday, with an average flight price of £241 for trips leaving from the UK, compared to an average price for July of £288.

Those heading off to exotic destinations will benefit even more with January offering the best prices for travel to Africa (£441) and Oceania (£895), compared with July when price averages increase by £122 for African trips and £286 for travel to Oceania.

And for those wanting to holiday in Asia January and September are the best months to book, with average prices of £475, compared with average prices in May and June of over £540.

Other research by government-run financial protection scheme, Atol, at the beginning of this year highlighted that 5.2 million Brits were expected to book their holiday in January.

Atol also found that the price of the getaway is still the number one factor when booking holidays, with 35% admitting they are looking to grab a bargain by booking their next holiday early.

But with all the excitement of booking your next holiday, it’s important to think about who will look after your pets, whether that’s asking a friend or employing a professional home and pet sitter.

Worryingly research by the pet charity, RSPCA[ii] at the end of last year highlighted that one fifth (21%) of dog owners felt it was acceptable to occasionally leave a dog alone for more than 24 hours.

The RSPCA recommends that dogs should be left for no more than four hours at a time. Any longer and dogs can suffer from separation anxiety which can lead to barking, whining, toileting or destroying things or less obvious signs such as pacing or excessive lip licking

Ensuing your dog is looked after is therefore paramount for their wellbeing. So whether you plan to go away for a long weekend or several weeks it’s important to plan ahead and to arrange proper care for your dog, cat or other pets.

More people are opting to book a home and pet sitter when they go away, to ensure they don’t get let down at the last minute by family or friends and to avoid putting their dog or cat into a kennel or cattery. There are several advantages to using a professional to care for your home and pet.

One of the main benefits is that your pet gets to stay in their home environment. Homesitters will stick to the pet’s usual day to day routine which can be far less stressful on your pets than having to take them elsewhere. If you have several pets it can be more cost-effective and easier having one person look after them rather than taking them to different places.

Often clients use the same homesitter too, so their pets get to know them and it’s just like a family friend coming to stay! Booking early helps ensure clients get their regular homesitter or if a new one is booked that there is time for the important preliminary meeting with the homesitter.

This is the opportunity to see how a pet reacts to them and to run through their usual care routine. It’s also useful for showing the homesitter around the home and making sure they know how everything works such as the heating and the alarm system, and know where important things are like the stopcock.

As well as your pets being looked after, your home will be kept safe and secure too. This helps prevent burglaries, plus there is someone on hand should something happen such as a frozen water pipe bursting, which could potentially cause a lot of damage if left.

If you plan to book your holidays this January then why not get your homesitter booked too? It will be one less thing to worry about and you can relax knowing that your pets will be cared for by a professional.

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