Keeping your home secure this winter

Posted on 22 October, 2018


With the nights starting to draw in, people heading off on holiday or going away for the festive season may worry that their home is more vulnerable to being broken into. However there are ways to protect your home when you aren’t there beyond simply having a burglar alarm fitted.

Research from insurance specialist Policy Expert[i] found that almost half of UK adults (45%) now arrange a house sitter to help prevent burglaries, as well as avoid damage from things like a burst pipe and to look after pets, when they go away.

Other research by Churchill Home Insurance[ii] found that 86% of thieves do all they can to avoid bumping into the occupant, with three-quarters abandoning a robbery attempt altogether because they had heard someone in the house or returning home.

An empty home is an irresistible target for a burglar, so having someone stay in your home can be a huge deterrent. Plus during winter homes are more susceptible to burst pipes or damage from bad weather, such as fences blowing down.

Having someone there to deal with issues straightaway can help prevent further damage.

Our homesitters are required not to leave a property unattended for more than three hours at any one time during the day and one hour at night. This gives people real peace of mind that their home and any pets are in safe hands, while they are off enjoying their holiday.

It’s important though that you always use a reputable company to find a homesitter. Many online agencies don’t vet people and so the onus will be on the homeowner to make the necessary background checks.

We are different. We thoroughly vet all our homesitters and they are employed directly by us. We are also fully endorsed by many leading insurers, which is important as home insurance companies should be informed if someone else is staying in the home to avoid issues if a claim needs to be made.

All clients meet the homesitter prior to the assignment starting, so they can brief them on how the home operates, when to put the bins out and how to work any security systems.

This meeting is especially important if you have pets as the homesitter will need to know their usual daily routine, and for dogs and cats it always helps that they have met the homesitter before they arrive for the assignment.

It’s also a useful time for introducing them to any neighbours so that they don’t get a surprise when they see someone in your back garden whilst you are away.

If you are busy planning your winter or Christmas holiday and don’t want to leave your home empty and vulnerable, get in touch now on 01296 630 730 or complete one of our online reservation forms, click here.




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