Make yourself at home – how to get the best from your homesitting experience.

Posted on 3 July, 2024

Homesitting is a fantastic role that enables people to explore new places, enjoy the company of pets, and experience different lifestyles.

Whether you have retired and looking for flexible and part time work to fill your time or simply love to travel and stay in unique homes, homesitting offers a unique blend of adventure and comfort.

Homesitters take care of someone else's home and their pets while they are away. This can range from a weekend stay to a few weeks. The responsibilities include pet care, basic home maintenance, and ensuring the property is secure. It’s essential to understand these duties fully and be prepared to take them on with diligence and care.

But one thing our homesitters often ask us is, how do you ensure you are comfortable and settle in when you are homesitting?

Here are our top tips:

Prepare well - We arrange preliminary meetings for all our homesitters and the client before the assignment which is the ideal chance to ask questions about the home and the pets. Our homesitters ask lots of questions and take notes so from they are completely prepared and confident from day one.

Understand the pet’s routines – Knowing the feeding and walking schedules of dogs and if they have any other special needs will give you confidence and reassurance.

Understand how to look after the home - Be clear on what is required when it comes to duties in the home, such as watering plants, taking out the bins, or handling mail or deliveries. Whether you’re putting out the rubbish or setting off on a dog walk, just always remember to take the property keys!

Be prepared for an emergency - Have a list of emergency contacts, including the homeowner’s preferred vet, nearby friends or family, and utility service providers. But don’t worry because Homesitters provide support for all our homesitters on assignment, and we are on hand 24/7 to help with any issues.

Know the rules: Check if there are any house rules, such as areas of the home that are off-limits, internet usage policies, and guidelines for using appliances.

Have fun: Check out the local area for interesting places to visit. Remember you have some free time to get out and about and explore the local area and attractions.

Make yourself comfortable: When we recently conducted a survey amongst our homesitters they shared some of their top tips for homesitting: 25% advised bringing pre-prepared meals and 27% recommended packing a good book and walking boots to enhance the experience.

Remember to enjoy the experience- Homesitting offers a unique chance to live in different homes, care for adorable pets, and explore new areas. Embrace the opportunity to step into someone else’s house and make the most of it.

One of our homesitters, Peter Sinclair, 73-year-old and has been homesitting for a decade and has a ‘homesitting kit’ that includes his own bed linen, towels, and pillow, which he considers essential for a comfortable stay. Wellies and waterproofs are obligatory items that every homesitter should have in their kit. Additionally, he brings a bag of food, a jigsaw puzzle to keep his brain active, and a good book, ensuring every homesitting assignment is enjoyable and relaxing.

By following this guide, you can ensure that your homesitting experience is comfortable, enjoyable, and fulfilling. From preparing thoroughly to immersing yourself in the local area, these steps will help you make yourself at home and provide excellent care for the properties and pets entrusted to you.

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