Millennials splurge on pampered pets

Posted on 14 January, 2019


A report by Mintel[i] last year found that cash-rich, time-poor millennials are behind a spending boom on pets which is predicted to increase 25% over the next five years. Mintel estimated that owners will have spent a whopping £1.7bn on their pets in 2018.

The report highlights that spending will go on dog walking, pet sitting and grooming services, as well as human-quality pet food and “niche” items such as Christmas jumpers, matching pyjamas, Pawsecco (non-alcoholic “wine”) and birthday cakes made from meat and cereal.

Pets are often seen as substitute children with many millennials delaying having children until they can afford it or not at all. Having a pet is often seen as the next best thing and pet ownership is on the rise[ii]. Around 26% of households now own a dog and 18% a cat.

We’ve certainly noticed over the years we’ve been in business that pets are really treated like just another family member. The plethora of products and services that are now available for pets would have been mind boggling a couple of decades ago.

Owners are also spending more on services such as dog walking, pet sitting and grooming than they ever did before. Indeed our home and pet sitting business has grown massively over the years, as more owners want to have their pets looked after at home when they go away, rather than taking them to a kennel or cattery.

The benefits include being able to stick to the pet’s routine and not taking them away from their home environment, which dogs and cats often find very stressful. Many of our homesitters have regular clients so they get to know the pets really well – so it’s just like a family friend coming to stay.

The added bonus is that your home gets taken care of too. With a rise in burglaries over the years people don’t want to leave their home dark and empty if they go away for a few weeks. A home and pet sitter offers that extra peace of mind that not only is your pet getting looked after properly but your home is also safe and secure.

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