Our pets are like family: why more people are choosing home and pet sitters

Posted on 11 February, 2019

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Pet ownership is on the increase, especially dogs. Last year it was reported that there had been an 11% increase[i] in people owning dogs and just over a quarter of households now have a dog[ii]. Cat ownership isn’t far behind with 18% of households having a cat.

But what happens to all these dogs and cat when people go on holiday? Well, a rising trend is for people to employ professional home and pet sitters. Someone to come and stay in your home, not only to take care of your pets but also to look after your home.

Here are the main reasons behind this growing trend:

Our pets are like family

Anyone who owns a pet knows that they are just another member of the family. People love their pets and spoil them accordingly. This is why the thought of putting a cat in a cattery or dog in a kennel is often inconceivable. Increasingly people want their pets to stay at home and continue being pampered as if the family were there. Home and pet sitters offer this solution.

One on one attention

Many cats and dogs find the experience of catteries and kennels highly stressful. It’s an unfamiliar environment and most will be kept insolation, with only a few hours of human contact a day. Dogs may be exercised with other dogs, but this may not always work out well especially if your dog is shy. Employing a home and pet sitter means your pet gets one on one attention for the whole time you are on holiday, just as they would if you were there.

Pets are creatures of habit

Dogs and cats love a routine. They usually know when they are fed, what time they are off for a walk and can often even tell when members of the family are due home each day. They can become uneasy if this routine is broken, especially if it also means they are away from their family. A home and pet sitter will stick to the pet’s usual routine, including walking the dog in familiar places. Pets are much happier staying at home, which means owners can relax and not spend time fretting about their pet.

Knowing you knowing me

Many of our clients have regular homesitters which they like to use because they get to know the home and build a bond with the pets. This means it becomes more like a family friend coming to stay, which for dogs and cats can make it far easier on them when their owners go away. There is nothing nicer than seeing your dog bounding up to greet the homesitter super excited. You will be reassured they too will be having a great time when you are away.

The home is occupied

Homes can be vulnerable when left for a few weeks, not only from opportunistic burglars but also things such as burst pipes and leaks which can cause a lot of damage if left. Having a home and pet sitter staying in your home can help prevent burglaries, plus there is someone on hand to deal with any situation straightaway. Homesitters are not allowed to leave the home for more than three consecutive hours in daylight and one hour after dark – giving homeowners real peace of mind that their home is in safe hands.

Keeping the garden growing

People’s gardens are very important to them and after the long hot summer last year many came home after their holidays to see brown lawns and plants starved of water. Home and pet sitters will carry out light household duties, so if your garden is your pride and joy having someone there to keep everything watered is a bonus.

Never let you down

Booking a homesitter through us means you won’t be let down at the last minute if a friend or family member suddenly can’t look after your pet. Even if the homesitter booked has an emergency and can’t do the assignment, we will find a suitable replacement from the many homesitters we have on our books throughout the UK.

If you are busy planning your holidays this year, why not get your home and pet sitter booked at the same time. It’s one less thing to worry about, plus it means there is plenty of time for the all-important preliminary meeting with your homesitter to run through how everything works in your home, as well as meet your pets.

You can contact us by filling in this online form or calling 01296 630 730.

[i] https://www.vettimes.co.uk/news/pfma-report-shows-600000-rise-in-homes-owning-a-pet/

[ii] https://www.pfma.org.uk/pet-population-2018


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