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Posted on 21 January, 2022

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Written by Shanna Tyndall for PetsRadar

It’s necessary to know how to wash a dog bed. Dogs bring in all kinds of organisms from simply walking on the ground, not to mention their habit of rolling in and eating all kinds of nasty stuff. They might have even gotten some urine, poo, or vomit in their beds. Even if they have the best dog bed you can buy and it looks clean, germs may well be lurking on the surface. According to home cleaning service Molly Maids, dog beds should at least be washed monthly. PetMD recommends a weekly wash. You know your dog best, so wash as needed.

Because dog beds come in so many different styles and fabrics, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to cleaning it. But we’ve got you covered.


No matter what the type, most dog beds need a good vacuuming on a regular basis to remove hair and dirt. The best vacuums for the job have a good filter and an upholstery attachment, preferably one specifically designed to trap hair.

Spot clean!

Once you get your dog’s bed free of hair and dirt, you might still be left with a mess. Grab a spray made for cleaning up after dogs. That way you’ll not only get everything out, you’ll keep them safe. Waterproof or outdoor pet beds just need a wipe down and they’re good to go. 

Into the wash!

Washing a removable dog bed cover is a snap; just use a gentle cycle and the highest temperature you can in order to kill germs. Other beds might be able to go into the wash as well, but check the tag. A large dog bed, even if washable, could require a visit to a laundromat or a hand wash. Check to ensure the bed is completely dry before giving it back to your pup.

Coming clean

Now that you know how to wash a dog bed, your investment should last your buddy even longer and help keep your entire house smelling fresher. Just don’t be surprised if they get it messy in less time than you took to clean it. Dogs like to smell like dogs, after all!

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