Press Release - Home and pet sitting provides outlet for retirees seeking adventures says new research

Posted on 1 June, 2017

Homesitter Paula Rose with horses

1 June 2017 – Adventure is high on the agenda for retired females as new research from national home and pet sitting company, Homesitters Limited indicates that a growing number of women are becoming homesitters to stay in a variety of different locations, travel and explore the UK.

Three quarters of the home and pet sitters surveyed by the company were female and most were aged 65 and above. In fact, 95% of homesitters are aged over 55 – making it a popular choice of flexible working for retired people.

And while seeing more of the UK appeals, so does looking after animals. 72% said that looking after people’s pets was the biggest perk of the job. Other top benefits included the chance to break away from the usual routine and to stay in nice homes. Three-quarters also said they appreciate the extra income homesitting provides for their retirement.

Homesitters are employed to stay in people’s homes when they go away, keeping the home secure and looking after any pets. Homesitters Ltd conducted the survey to find out why people wanted to become homesitters, what their clients value most about the service and the biggest challenges homesitters face on assignment.

The top three benefits for clients were, “knowing they will return to a happy pet and a tidy home”, followed by having “someone to look after their pets” and “keeping the house secure”.

Learning how everything works in the home is the number one challenge of the role according to 48% of homesitters, followed by taking on the responsibility of securing the home (37%).

Other challenges mentioned included “working out the recycling policy of the local council”, “coping with complicated appliances such as Agas”, “getting in tune with the sounds the home makes on the first few nights” and “dealing with different alarm systems.”

Alan Irvine, Chairman of Homesitters comments: “Our research highlights that retired women are relishing being homesitters because it provides the opportunity for a little adventure. They enjoy meeting new people and the fact the role keeps them active, especially if they are looking after dogs and they appreciate being able to stay in beautiful properties.”

While most homesitters stated they mainly look after cats and dogs, some assignments have involved more unusual animals including pygmy goats, peacocks, chinchillas, donkeys, bearded dragons, poisonous tree frogs, snakes, tarantulas and even a hawk who was fed on live mice.

Home and pet sitters employed by Homesitters Ltd are free to pick and choose which assignments appeal to them. The company also provides full support and insurance for those on assignment, a key reason why people choose to work with them.

In fact, the homesitters surveyed said they most value the variety of assignments offered to them and the fact they can always call the company’s 24 hour/7 day a week support centre if they have a problem when they are on assignment.

Alan Irvine comments: “We are always looking for reliable people to join us throughout the UK. The role offers great variety; someone could be staying in a multi-million pound town house one week and a remote farmhouse the next – no assignment is the same.”

The homesitters surveyed also provided some top tips for new homesitters:

  • Treat the clients’ home with respect and do exactly what they say about taking care of their pets
  • Make sure you have a preliminary meeting to run through how the home works and pets’ routines
  • When out of the home, ensure you have emergency contact numbers with you
  • Take plenty of reading material
  • Ask for freezer space (especially on a Christmas sit)
  • Find out about tourist attractions nearby
  • Follow instructions, don’t feel overwhelmed and enjoy the experience
  • Take your own towels and bedding for home comforts, plus an electric blanket in winter
  • Have a Satnav or map of the area
  • Ask for written instructions on the needs of the pets and house security
  • Know where the fuse box is, as well as candles/torch in case the power goes off
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Always be prepared for the client to return unannounced
  • Relax and enjoy the variety of assignments but remember this is a serious business, so don’t take any short cuts

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About Homesitters Ltd

Homesitters Ltd was established in 1980 and is now one of the UK’s leading nationwide live-in home and pet sitting companies, available throughout the year. It has looked after over 90,000 bookings and has an extensive network of employees throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

All homesitters are meticulously vetted and are conscientious, sensible and responsible homeowners. Many have been pet owners and have experience looking after all different types of animals. It’s tantamount to the outstanding reputation and professionalism of the company that 70% of new clients re-book with Homesitters within two years and many have been clients since the 1980s.


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