Press Release - Homesitting helps keep romance alive for older couples

Posted on 12 February, 2020

A survey last year by wedding site, norma & dorothy[i] highlighted it’s the over 55s who’ve still got the most faith in romance with 65% saying that romance is definitely not dead.

They also found that people in Yorkshire and Humber consider themselves the most romantic in the UK, with almost 79% describing themselves as such.

According to Alan Irvine, Managing Director of Homesitters Ltd one way that older people are keeping the romance alive is by becoming home and pet sitters, a role that involves staying in people’s homes when they go on holiday and looking after any pets they have.

Research by the company found that over 76% of their homesitters who carry out assignments with a partner say home and pet sitting brings them closer together as they spend more time together. Other perks include spending time with animals, taking time out from the usual routine and staying in different places across the UK.

Alan Irvine says, “We have many retired couples in their 50s, 60s and 70s that really enjoy the role because it gets them out and about, discovering new places together and doing something a bit different with their time. Most assignments include looking after pets too and so our couples share the experience of caring for a pet.

“For those looking after dogs it’s an opportunity for lots of walks together. Plus there is plenty of time for hobbies such as playing board games or cooking, exploring the local area or just enjoying each other’s company. I highly recommend homesitting as a great way to keep the romance alive in retirement. In fact it’s just like going on holiday together!”

One retired couple that homesits is Sue and Gordon Heels, who are in their mid-sixties and from Bedfordshire. They have been homesitters for 10 years and thoroughly enjoy it because they get to spend time together. Having led such busy lives before retiring, they were both apprehensive about adjusting to a quiet retirement, so becoming homesitters seemed to be the perfect option for them – offering flexible employment with responsibility and a sense of purpose.

The couple don’t own any pets so one of the biggest attractions of the job is looking after other people’s animals and in particular, dogs.They love dog walking as it gives them a chance to get out into the countryside and keep fit, whatever the weather.

Home and pet sitting also provides a complete change of scene and a break from their normal routine. Another unexpected benefit is spending more quality time together.

Sue explained, “One of the things we love about home and pet sitting is that we do it together. At home we tend to do our own thing, but on assignments we work as a team and spend quality time taking the dogs for walks.

“We go to church on Sundays and when we are home and pet sitting on weekends we find a local church to attend. We’ve made new friends at churches across the country.Recently, we went to a small local church and were invited to stay for their community dinner which we thoroughly enjoyed.”

The couple are also lucky to have a regular client with an indoor swimming pool they can use every day when they stay there. They can also indulge their hobbies.Gordon spends lots of time outside in the countryside while Sue likes to read. The couple also watch films in the evening as most of the homes have Sky television, which they don’t have at home.

Homesitters Ltd is keen to recruit more home and pet sitters in 2020 throughout the UK. For more information on becoming a homesitter visit

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About Homesitters Ltd

Homesitters Ltd was established in 1980 and is now the UK’s leading nationwide live-in home and pet sitting company, available throughout the year. It has looked after 100,000 plus bookings and has an extensive network of employees throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

All homesitters are meticulously vetted and are conscientious, sensible and responsible homeowners. Many have been pet owners and have experience looking after all different types of animals. It’s tantamount to the outstanding reputation and professionalism of the company that 70% of new clients re-book with Homesitters within two years and many have been clients since the 1980s.


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