Prevent squatters moving in with a live-in guardian

Posted on 21 May, 2018

Empty Home

Homes and commercial property that are left empty are vulnerable to squatters. This could be homes that are going through probate or commercial buildings that are waiting to be sold, refurbished or left empty, as they are no longer being used.

The growing homelessness crisis is not helping the situation as many homeless people may decide to squat as a last resort to get a roof over their heads. The homeless charity, Crisis[i] says rough sleeping could increase by 76 per cent over the next decade. This means that empty buildings could increasingly become a target for squatters.

In 2016 it was estimated[ii] that there were around 20,000 to 50,000 people squatting in the UK, compared with 9,500 in 1995. While squatting has been illegal in residential properties since 2012, this has only led to an increase in commercial squatting, with the worst affected areas being London, The South-East and Wales.

For people that own empty buildings there is a squatter deterrent they may not have considered, and that’s employing a live-in guardian to look after the property and improve the property’s security.

The cost to remove squatters can run into thousands for the legal and clean-up costs, so more property owners are finding it makes financial sense to employ a live-in guardian than to risk getting squatters. Not only can they help prevent squatters they also act as a vandalism deterrent too.

Our live-in guardians ensure that the property is secure, thereby protecting the property value, reducing insurance premiums and maintenance costs. The registered caretaker will also carry out site-management duties, keeping it well-presented and in good order for any viewers, visitors, contractors, the new owners or occupiers.

They won’t leave the property unoccupied for more than three consecutive hours during daylight or one hour after dark, or we can provide 24-hour cover where the property is never left unattended, if required.

We can also provide a live-guardian for any length of time, from a couple of days to a few years and we offer our service for both private homes (ideal for those going through probate) and commercial property. Our longest running commercial sit is 10 years and counting.

If you are looking for vacant property protection, please give us a call on 01296 630 730 to discuss your requirements.




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