Protect an empty home going through probate with a live-in caretaker

Posted on 16 April, 2018

Last Will and Testament

Homes going through probate can be particularly vulnerable to break-ins. Burglars are keen readers of obituaries and death notices and would notice if there are signs a property is empty, such as curtains not being opened or closed, lights not being switched on and post building up inside.

Finding out that the home of a loved one has been broken into and valuable items and heirlooms taken can add to a family’s grief at a difficult time. Also insurance cover is often restricted while properties are awaiting probate.

Police and insurers strongly recommend someone moves into the deceased’s home before the funeral takes place and that they should remain in residence until probate is granted, or at least until all valuables have been moved to a safe storage place.

However, it’s not always possible for a family member to stay in the home, especially if they live and work in a different part of the country, which is leading more people to turn to live-in caretakers.

With probate taking on average between six and nine months, it is a good solution for keeping a property and its contents safe, and as a squatter deterrent and vandalism deterrent.

We can provide professional live-in guardians throughout the UK for as long as is needed.

Our live-in guardians are not allowed to leave a property for more than three hours at any one time during the day time and one hour in the evening. This means that not only does the home look occupied, helping to deter burglars, but they are on hand should something happen such as a burst pipe which could cause extensive damage if left.

It can help prevent damp too – which can be a problem for homes that are left empty and unaired for long periods.

If the deceased has a pet then a live-in guardian is also an option if family and friends can’t take the pet into their home, giving people time to re-home them somewhere suitable. Most of our live-in guardians are experienced pet sitters and can take care of most domestic pets.

We are used to moving fast to protect these high-risk properties and can quickly find someone suitable. Our probate home protection service is cheaper than employing a security service, plus we are endorsed by leading insurers.

We also offer a special one-day service so the property of the deceased is not left vacant during the funeral. If you have a empty property that needs taking care of give us a call today on 01296 630 730 to discuss your requirements.


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