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Posted on 2 July, 2019

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Making sure your home is protected whilst you are away this winter should be a top priority, says Alan Irvine, CEO of Homesitters Ltd, especially given the fact it's predicted the UK could be colder and snowier than usual.

Forecasters have suggested that this year's 'El Nino' weather phenomenon could be the strongest since 1950 and that conditions could mirror 'The Big Freeze' of 2009/2010. Other weather challenges could include heavy rain, resulting in potential flooding or storm damage and, the darker days can also increase the risk of burglaries.

One solution to protect your home is to use a homesitter if you are going away. Not only will they look after your home and garden but also care for any pets and ensure the pets' routines remain the same.

More people are choosing to leave their homes and pets in the hands of a homesitter and in the past year the number of assignments Homesitters has undertaken during the winter months has increased significantly.

Alan Irvine comments: “When people are busy planning their winter sun or skiing holidays, most aren't thinking about what could happen to their home whilst they are away. However, winter weather can wreak all sorts of havoc from burst pipes and flooding to storm damage with fences and even trees being blown down in the garden.

“Employing a homesitter can give home owners peace of mind that should anything happen, there is someone responsible in place to deal with it immediately – this can help to minimise the damage and risks.”

Homesitters Ltd has been providing live-in caretakers for properties and pets whilst owners are away for over 35 years. They employ over 1,000 trusted Homesitters and offer their services throughout the UK. All Homesitters are experienced and reliable and during their assignments will have encountered all sorts of issues and very little fazes them.

The company offers comprehensive insurance including Employer's Liability, Public liability and Professional Indemnity and provides sitters with a 24 hour support service when they are on assignment, including during bank holidays, Christmas and New Year.

Top tips for protecting your home this winter

  • Make sure you lag exposed pipes and insulate water tanks.
  • Keep your central heating on at around 15ºC to ensure warm air and water circulate.
  • If you don't have a homesitter, use a timer device to ensure a couple of lights come on and off every day and people think you are home.
  • Ensure your homesitter knows where your stop cock is and has emergency policy details for boilers, heating and insurance.
  • Secure outdoor furniture, repair any fences and remove dead branches from any trees you have in case of high wind.

For more information about Homesitters Ltd please browse our website and to book a winter house sit call 01296 630 730 or click here.

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