Protecting properties at their most vulnerable

Posted on 2 May, 2016

Commercial home sitters during probate

What could be more upsetting for the grieving family? Not only have they lost a loved one, but the home has been violated and items of great sentimental (and financial) value have been lost, often irretrievably.

The police know that burglars are keen readers of obituaries and death notices – so they strongly recommend that someone should move in to the deceased’s house before the funeral takes place. Ideally, they should then remain in residence until probate is granted – or at least until the valuables have been removed.

But who has the time available to make such a commitment at short notice? Usually immediate family and executors have busy lives of their own and cannot take the necessary absence from their work and family commitments.

The solution recommended by insurers, and increasingly utilised by executors and solicitors, is to use the services of Homesitters Ltd.

The nationwide home and pet sitting provider supplies meticulously vetted mature employees and is very flexible in meeting individual requirements. It can offer:

  • a special one day service where the deceased’s home (and any pets) are cared for during the funeral. This option can also be provided for funeral attendees who welcome the peace of mind of having their home and pets looked after for the day.
  • a live-in service where sitters move into the property to protect it against burglary and weather damage, to care for possessions and pets and to maintain unrestricted insurance cover. Additional benefits accrue should the property go on the market: keeping the home aired and welcoming and the garden maintained can assist a sale, and homesitters will liaise with all parties requiring access to the property (family, valuers, estate agents etc).

This service can be provided for as long as is necessary, with Homesitters supplying a rota of homesitters when the requirement stretches into months (or even years!).

With the current economic conditions fuelling crime according to Home Office figures, and burglary on the rise, Homesitters’ services provides reliable and flexible help for those working on behalf of the bereaved.



  • Homesitters Ltd invented the concept of home and pet sitting as a commercial service in Britain. Since 1980 the company has provided a nationwide live-in home sitting service, available throughout the year.
  • Originally conceived to care for pets and properties while homeowners are away, cover is now provided in a much wider range of scenarios. These include properties awaiting probate/on the market and empty or sparsely furnished properties.
  • Homesitters is not an agency. The 1000+ employees are meticulously vetted, personally interviewed and fully insured. They operate under the company’s direction with 24 hour back-up.
  • Homesitters Ltd is the only provider endorsed by the HNW insurers; they like the company’s significant contribution to risk improvement, especially with regard to weather damage and theft.
  • Case studies and images can be provided. Please contact the press office below.
  • The Homesitters website is

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