Protecting your home and increasing security

Posted on 30 January, 2017

Your home stays safe while you're away

Making sure your home is secure when you go on holiday is vital. No one wants to come back to find a water pipe has leaked and ruined their furniture and flooring, or that they have been the victim of a burglary.

Every year there are over a million burglaries[i] or attempted burglaries in the UK, and more than half take place at night. Only 22% of burglaries[ii] happen when someone is there – so when you go away for one or two weeks your home is at its most vulnerable.

It’s not just about the financial loss; it’s much more than that. Knowing someone has entered your home is very distressing. A survey by UIA Insurance[iii] found the emotional impact can take months to get over and that over 60% of victims never feel safe in their homes again.

As well as potentially being a target for an opportunist burglar, leaving a home empty for any length of time can put your home at more risk of damage from incidents, such as burst or frozen pipes, trees falling down or slates falling off a roof, situations which can be much worse if there isn’t anyone available to deal with it straight away.

One solution that many home owners are turning to when they go away is using a homesitter. This is someone who will come and stay in your home, ensuring it looks occupied and giving you peace of mind, should something happen there is someone on hand to take care of it.

And it’s not just your home they will look after. If you have any pets a homesitter will take care of them as well, making sure their routine isn’t interrupted and that you come home to a happy pet.

Dogs and cats in particular can find it stressful when their owners go on holiday, especially if they have to go to a kennel or cattery, or someone else’s home. Staying at home can minimise this stress and using a homesitter is a cost-effective way to get both your home and pets taken care of by a professional.

If you are busy planning your holidays for 2017 now and have concerns about home security or want a friendly and reliable person to look after your pets, please get in touch on: 01296 630 730. 





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