Reader's Digest - 10 ways to earn income on the side

Posted on 2 July, 2019

Make Money

As incomes get squeezed and the idea of a job for life dies out, growing numbers are making ends meet by earning a little bit on the side. You can pocket up to £1,000 a year free of tax, unless already self-employed, but will need to complete a self assessment tax return for HM Revenue & Customs once your income exceeds that. Here are some suggestions for unleashing your inner entrepreneur…

Sell online

Two thirds of side hustlers sell goods such as second-hand furniture or clothing, either at car boot sales, or through websites and apps such as,, and

Have a good clear out and sell your stuff on, or local Facebook groups.

Use your skills

If you enjoy crafts such as making pottery, jewellery, gift cards, jams, sauces or cakes, you might be able to sell them through sites such as or or at local markets or pop-up stores. Learn more at

Perform tasks

Those with handyman or heavy lifting skills, or who know how to wield a paintbrush, mount a TV or assemble flat-pack furniture could find people needing help via sites such as and

Keep on working

If looking to retire don’t waste a working lifetime of skills and contacts, offer them on a consultancy basis rather than as a wage slave.

Teaching, accountancy, computing, plumbing, hairdressing and other skills are in demand. or may help.

home and pet sit and earn a little

Sitting and earning

Getting paid for sitting around may the perfect job, but involves more effort than you think.

Find jobs looking after people’s homes or pets throughs and, or, and

Click and collect

Earn cash or vouchers by completing short online tasks such as filling in surveys, doing polls, watching videos, reading adverts and even just searching on Google.

Check out,,, and, or download app Streetspotr.

Rent it out

Rent out space on your driveway for cash. It helps if you live near an airport, train station, football ground, concert venue or city centre. Check out JustPark,, or

Or rent space in your loft, garage or shed through


Love kids or have childcare experience? You may be able to earn money from looking after other people’s little ones, through sites such as or

Room service

Make money by renting out a room or property on Airbnb, and earn £1,000 free of tax on top of your £1,000 tax allowance.

Alternatively, earn up to £7,500 free of tax by taking in a lodger under the Rent a Room scheme.

Part-time options

There are a host of more part-time jobs out there, such as shop and bar work, delivering Amazon orders, doing supermarket shifts, monitoring school exams, counting votes at elections, or even being a TV extra.

Hustle on!

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