​Australian sitter case highlights why 24 hour emergency back up is vital

Posted on 8 January, 2016

Lost Dog

Australian sitter case highlights why 24 hour emergency back is vital

Over the Christmas period, we were sorry to read about the sad case of a pet sitter in Australia having a stroke on Boxing Day whilst on assignment. Local volunteers and the sitter’s son had to launch a social media campaign to try to track down the pet owners who were on holiday on the New South Wales Coast.

Whilst these kind of emergency situations are rare, they do sometimes happen.

Clients often ask us what we do if a Homesitter is taken ill suddenly or has some kind of family emergency and needs to leave an assignment.

Every client’s worst nightmare is the thought of their pets being left unattended. Fortunately, we can reassure them. We have a number of systems in place to safeguard our clients and Homesitters.

Our sitter couples are contacted regularly during sits and our single sitters have a call with our Head Office each morning to check everything is going well and there are no issues emerging. Therefore, such a situation could not go undetected by Homesitters Ltd here in the UK.

We also provide a 24 hour back up service. In the event of any emergency, we can bring in another reliable home sitter to cover the assignment at short notice. Homes and pets are never left unattended so clients are able to enjoy their holidays with complete peace of mind.  

To find out more on having a Homesitter look after your pets while you're away please  click here


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