Repeat business – why booking your favourite homesitter makes sense

Posted on 28 August, 2017

Repeat Homesitters When Owners Go Away

Many people are discovering the benefits of using a homesitter – someone to look after your home and pets when you go away. Once clients have used our services many tend to book early time and time again, often requesting the same homesitter!

This is convenient for everyone. The homesitter gets to know the home and any pets, and the client has that extra reassurance that their pets will be looked after by a familiar person. It’s important for clients to remember though that if they want the same homesitter that they should book well in advance. We can get very booked up, especially during the peak holiday season, so as soon as a client knows they are going away it makes sense to get their homesitter booked in at the same time.

One client, Sara Evans from Buckinghamshire, says using homesitters feels like having family come to stay, and she and her husband have been using Homesitters Ltd for the past six years.

The couple didn’t want to put their two Golden Retrievers, Holly and Lily into a kennel while they went away; they wanted them to be able to stay in their own environment. This is even more important now that Holly is ten, as they fear that the elderly dog would not do well in a kennel.

When Sara made her first booking she was impressed by the homesitters the company assigned saying, “When they arrived I knew I’d struck gold. Now we use Homesitters every time we go away as we know the dogs are in safe hands. In fact, as we tend to book the same couple the dogs have known them for most of their lives and when they arrive the dogs get really excited and give them a lap of honour round the garden!”

The Evans tend to make about three bookings a year. Sara says, “We believe that using Homesitters is money well spent and we just include the cost as part of our holiday budget. After all, we chose to have animals, so we have to look after them properly. We know that they’ll be well looked after and taken for lots of walks while we’re away.

“We also find it reassuring that the house is occupied while we’re away. We have an alarm system but nothing compares to having someone staying in the house. Ultimately it feels like having family come to stay,” adds Sara.

Another couple, who have been using our services for over 20 years to look after their home and pets, is Lord and Lady Lester, Anthony and Katya Lester, of Herne Hill, London. Lord Lester is a barrister and politician and Lady Lester is an immigration judge. Typically, the couple take a long break during the summer in Ireland and several shorter trips throughout the year.

Lady Lester says, “All the homesitters are vetted and insured. They are also totally reliable and never away from the house for more than three hours when they are on assignment, which gives us peace of mind knowing that our home and pets are always safe and secure.

“Over the years, we’ve met some wonderful homesitters whom we now use regularly. They know us, our routines and they love the animals. We used to have a diabetic cat who needed insulin administering every day but we were confident that our homesitter would care for him as we did”.

One such regular is Rex Henshall, retired from working life and a dog loverfrom near Orpington whom Lady Lester describes as ‘so conscientious’ and another lady called Olwyn Vessey, who had a special empathy with cats.

She concluded, “These days, we are both working less and we don’t travel quite as much – maybe three to four trips a year but we always use Homesitters if we go for more than five days. I always recommend the company to everyone.”

To book your new or favourite homesitter give us a call today on 01296 630 730 or click here to book a live-in homesitter.


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