Responsibilities of a homesitter

You stay in other people’s homes and care for their pets and possessions while the owners are away. Although for much of the time you are free to come and go as you please, you take on various responsibilities for the owner.

  • You live in the client’s home (which maintains security)
  • Take telephone messages; deal with callers
  • Keeping the areas of the home that they use clean and tidy
  • Providing care and companionship for pets, and maintaining their usual routines
  • Watering houseplants and carrying out light garden care
  • Keeping guard against weather damage caused by frost, heavy rain and strong winds
  • Always embodying the Homesitters values: total quality control, integrity, accountability, discretion and honesty

Homesitters are provided with an instruction manual on joining us, which explains all of their duties and responsibilities. Before you decide to take on an assignment, you’ll be provided with a full brief so that you know what it entails. You will usually have a preliminary meeting with the client, and our Client Liaison Executives will be in touch at every stage of the booking, as well as during your stay. Before leaving home, the client will also complete a detailed checklist to ensure that homesitter's always have a clear understanding of what is required.

Click here to download our Become a homesitter leaflet.