Retirement glow wears off after just ten months

Posted on 1 February, 2016

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Research conducted by Skipton Building Society has revealed that the average retiree is bored just ten months after leaving work.

Stacey Stothard, Corporate Communications Manager at Skipton Building Society, says “Despite anticipating retirement for a greater part of their working life, our study shows that many people struggle to adjust to a new existence that’s free of structure. Some feel unproductive or that they’re wasting their accumulated career knowledge. Ten months in and many feel their retirement isn’t as good as they thought it would be.”

The study shows that for 54% of Brits, the retirement glow wore off because they missed the camaraderie they had at work, while four in 10 felt their mind was no longer being pushed.

More than a third grew fed up that every day ended up being the same as the last, and a fifth felt completely redundant. Loneliness, boredom, and the feeling of ageing quickly were all cited as reasons why retirement wasn’t as enjoyable as they had imagined.

Lack of disposable income, partners driving each other mad, and putting on weight due to inactivity were other reasons why retirement ended up being a disappointment.

Stacey Stothard continues “There are certain things in life that you can’t anticipate or plan for. But we all hope to reach retirement age, and based on that alone, we can take steps to plan for that new-found free time… From thoroughly understanding your personal finances, through to establishing what you actually want to do or achieve in your retirement; considering these key areas can give you much needed direction and drive.”

“People retire from work not life. And while the fresh novelty of being newly retired may fade, many retirees have found that by challenging themselves, finding new forms of enjoyment, learning new things, and having ambitions, can all help ensure you’re as busy and stimulated in retirement as you were in work.”

Stacey’s comments are warmly endorsed by Homesitters, the nationwide home sitting and pet sitting providers. For 35 years the company has built a business on harnessing the energy and skills of retired people. Homesitters’ clients appreciate the benefits of maturity and experience, whilst the Homesitters find home sitting to be an ideal retirement occupation as part of a bouquet of retirement options.

So if you’re looking for a flexible, occasional retirement occupation (slim on financial rewards but HUGE on entertainment value) – become a Homesitter.

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  • Since 1980 Homesitters Ltd has been employing mature, responsible people to live in other people’s homes and care for their pets and possessions while the owners are away. The company has a nationwide network of 1000+ carefully vetted employees.
  • Sitters have complete freedom of choice in both the type and number of homesits they undertake so they control not only what they do, but when they do it. Great care is taken in matching the abilities and interests of the sitters with the needs and situations of the clients.
  • The rewards of homesitting include the chance to stay in a variety of properties and to enjoy their amenities and surroundings, the opportunity to see new places and explore different areas, the company of pets without the commitment or expense of owning them, and the responsibility of standing in for other homeowners.
  • Homesitting appeals to people who enjoy a break and a bit of an adventure – but who want the security of a professional company backing them. Homesitters Ltd takes care of all arrangements, provides support and back-up at all times and carries comprehensive insurance cover for its employees.
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