Ruffle Snuffle - Respect Your Cat Day: March 28th

Posted on 28 March, 2024

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Respect Your Cat Day is an interesting day on the pet calendar because of the wording. This isn’t a “love your cat day“. Instead, it is all about respect.

Respecting our pets should be second nature. But, this day provides an opportunity to look at what we could do moving forward to show greater respect and appreciation.

When is Respect Your Cat Day?

We can celebrate Respect Your Cat Day on the 28th of March each year. This comes just after National Cuddly Kitten day. So, if you spend that day showering your cat with affection, perhaps this is a day where you need to respect their space and privacy a little more, especially if they aren’t normally the most affectionate or social cat.

How to celebrate Respect Your Cat Day.

Respect Your Cat Day is a little different than the other days where we get to shower pets with love and attention. This is a chance to appreciate our pets for exactly who they are – even if that means a slightly grumpy temperament now and then.

A great place to start is to consider whether you could do more to provide the best space and lifestyle for your cat’s personality. For example, if they are a cat that appreciates privacy, are they getting enough of that when they sleep or go to the bathroom? Is it time to upgrade their litter tray to a litter box, or to give them a nice new bed to snooze in? Respect Your Cat Day gifts are about spoiling them in a different way.

Alternatively, you might want to use this day to build bridges with another cat in your life. Perhaps there is a feline friend of a loved one who hasn’t quite taken to you. As a result, maybe that friend or relative assumes that you don’t appreciate or respect their cat enough. This is a chance to put all that aside and send them a card or small gift to put things right.

Don’t forget to take part in Respect Your Cat Day on social media.

Whatever your cat’s personality or how you celebrate the day. You can still share images and posts on social media. This is a great way to connect with other cat owners and discuss tips on building the best possible bond with your pet.

Fun facts about Respect Your Cat Day.

~ Cats have been worshipped in many cultures from a cat god in China that protected crops to one in ancient Poland.

~ The Ancient Egyptians went as far as giving cats jewels and mummifying them after death.

~ Extra respect is given to black cats, which are either seen as good luck or bad omens depending on your culture. What do you think when they cross the street in front of you?

Clearly, draping our cats in jewels is a bit dramatic for Respect Your Cat Day this March 3rd. But, there are still lots of ways that we can enjoy this day. Have fun with it and show your cat the respect they truly deserve.

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