The amazing adventures of Katzenworld

Posted on 9 August, 2018

The amazing adventures of Oliver and Nubia

Homesitters Ltd are very proud to sponsor Katzenworld, a blog dedicated to providing support, insight and information for cat owners.

Katzenworld was created around four years ago by a small band of cat enthusiasts who wanted to share their love of cats with a wider audience. It started off as a simple online blog with pictures and amusing stories about the founders’ own four cats - Oliver, Nubia, Snowball and Mau - but their readership soon grew and the team found they were regularly being asked questions about cat health and wellbeing.

This led to collaborations between Katzenworld and trusted organisations in the sector such as International Cat Care and Katzenworld now provides advice and guides for cat care as well an open discussion section for cat owners to share their own experiences and best practices.

The website has a small team of contributors including cat behaviourists, veterinary staff, welfare experts from animal charities and pet industry professionals – one of which is our very own Chairman, Alan Irvine!

Katzenworld continues to grow and expand into new areas including working with Homesitters Ltd this year, and they were recently presented with a Pet Product and Services Award.

We are so delighted that Katzenworld have chosen to design this wonderful cartoon about the services we provide at Homesitters that we wanted to share it with you.

To read the original post on Katzenworld, please click here.

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