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Posted on 2 July, 2019

Dog theft is on the rise. A recent BBC investigation found that dognapping has risen by 22%[i] in the past two years in England with more than 5,000 dogs having been reported stolen to police forces in 2015.

In London alone, the number of dogs reported as stolen increased from 160 in 2013 to 213 in 2015, according to the London Metropolitan Police. It’s hardly surprising though as dogs are easy targets, and with popular dogs such as Bulldog puppies fetching up to £1,800 each, it’s a lucrative business.

Pets can be stolen from people’s homes and often burglars monitor homes to find opportunities to break in and steal possessions and / or pets. Having anything stolen is distressing but having your dog stolen, who is part of the family, can be a heart breaking and stressful experience for both owner and dog.

But what happens when you go away? You may take all the precautions possible to ensure your home and pets are safe, but leaving your home empty or using a pop-in service to feed pets such as cats and rabbits can leave you vulnerable.

Many people are turning to professional home and pet sitters to look after their home and pets when they go on holiday. The extra security of having a professional sitter in the house gives peace of mind, allowing people to relax and enjoy their holiday.

Having a homesitter in the home can deter the opportunistic thief. The homesitter only leaves the home for up to three hours a day, at different times, so the home is less likely to be a target. Homesitters are also very attentive when it comes to ensuring windows and doors are locked. During the summer months a window left open can be a route in for a burglar.

For dog owners this service also means their dog doesn’t have to change its usual routine and will be cared for by a responsible and experienced homesitter.

Homesitters are well aware of the potential risks of dog theft and will do their utmost to keep the dog safe.They will know not to leave dogs tied up outside shops or cafes or in cars – even for a moment as they could be a potential target for theft.

They will know to keep the dog in sight at all times and that if a dog has poor recall they must be kept on a lead. Dogs are often taken when out on a walk and it only takes a minute out of sight for them to be snatched.

Homesitters will supervise your dog at all times, even if they are let out in the garden, and they are not allowed to leave your dog and home for more than three hours at a time. This is very reassuring as people can spend their holiday worrying, especially if they have a neighbour or family friend taking care of them who may not be as vigilant as a professional.

Homesitters Ltd has been operating in London and across the UK for the past 35 years and we have many clients who rely on us when they go away. We have completed over 90,000 bookings with the help of our extensive network of homesitters, who have been carefully vetted and many of them have been with the company for a number of years.

All are highly experienced, reliable and trustworthy and carry out their assignments with the upmost diligence. Many people end up using the same homesitter every time they go away which is great for people with pets, especially dogs as the homesitter can really get to know them well.

Our clients also have complete peace of mind about insurance - we carry comprehensive insurance including Employer’s Liability, Public liability and Professional Indemnity cover.

Homesitters are provided with 24 hour support on assignment, including during bank holidays, Christmas and New Year, and a dedicated person from Homesitters head office remains in regular contact with each homesitter.

If you want to make sure your home and pets are left in a safe pair of hands when you go away please contact: or call us on: 020 7084 6320



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