The top five reasons to become a homesitter in 2022

Posted on 24 January, 2022

To start the year, we are excited to be recruiting new homesitters to take care of people’s homes and pets when they go away. For people looking for new adventures and flexible employment this year, here are five reasons to join the Homesitter’s team:

Explore different parts of the UK

A key attraction of homesitting is the chance to travel and visit areas you have never been before. We operate throughout the UK and you can pick and choose assignments to fit in with your interests. If you fancy spending more time in the countryside, then opt for assignments in rural counties or if it is a busy vibe you are after, we have assignments in towns and cities.

Stay for free in gorgeous homes

Homesitting offers the chance to stay in some wonderful homes in great locations, from farm houses to penthouse flats, stately homes and historic castles – all for free. Even the most modest two up two down property will provide the homely comforts necessary for a lovely relaxed stay. This is a key reward for anyone who wants to see more of the UK without spending a fortune on hotels and B&Bs.

Enjoy the company of pets

Many of our homesitting assignments involve taking care of people’s pets. These range from cats, dogs and rabbits to the more unusual such as pot-bellied pigs, llamas and iguanas. In fact we’ve looked after most types of pets in our 40 year history! The majority tend to be dogs and cats and most of our homesitters rate this is the number one of attraction. Spending time with dogs especially and taking them for a walk is a real joy for many, especially for those that would like pet but do not want the commitment.

Boost your income

Whilst most people’s motivation to become a homesitter is not based on money, it does offer a way to boost income as homesitters are paid a modest remuneration which includes a food allowance and travel mileage costs. When added together with the saving on accommodation for visiting new places then it does start to add up!

Save on your energy bills

Doing regular homesitting assignments can help people save on their own energy bills too. We have homesitters that choose to only work through the winter months, as they spend their summers abroad and it works well for them. Taking on a lot of assignments can contribute to considerable savings during the colder months.

One of our homesitters who has been enjoying all these benefits is John Charlick. He has been home and pet sitting through us for seven years since retiring from the hospitality industry. Before retirement he ran a boutique B&B with his partner.

Keen to stay active in retirement, John looked for a flexible part time role. He has friends who dog sit who suggested he might try something similar and decided to apply. He was successful and he is now employed by us and completed many assignments.

John’s favourite part of the role is the travel across the UK to different homes and meeting different people. John says, “I’m still working in the hospitality industry in a way. I am a real people person and love the social side of the job, but my favourite thing is staying in gorgeous homes and visiting places I haven’t been to before.

“It can be like going on a mini break. I often stay are in great locations and very glamorous homes, with swimming pools and tennis courts. I took up playing the piano again a few years ago so if there’s a piano I enjoy playing in the evenings.

“I also enjoy spending time with the animals, particularly dogs. I’ve owned dogs in the past, but now I live in a flat it isn’t practical to have one and they are rather a tie. Homesitting gives me the opportunity to look after dogs and take them for walks, but I can then hand them back to their owners – rather like having grandchildren!”

One of John’s most memorable home sits was an assignment in Guernsey. He explains, “I’d never been to the island before, so it was interesting to visit for a week. I stayed in a charming house looking after a cat, it was almost like a holiday with free travel and accommodation.

“I also enjoy taking on assignments in London. I lived there for a time and still have lots of friends I can meet for lunch. My favourite assignment is for a regular client who has a Whippet. I stay there four times a year and usually arrive the night before the client goes away so that we can all have supper together – I almost feel like one of the family.

“My advice to anyone considering the role is to be as open to new things as you possibly can and really make the most of it.”

If this sounds like the ideal role for you in 2022, you can apply here.


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